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for immediate release Friday September 17, 2010

Studio Babette Puppet Theatre
receives Trillium Foundation Grant

Studio Babette Puppet Theatre is proud to announce that they have been awarded a grant from The Ontario Trillium Foundation, to further education in the history of Hamilton through puppetry. This grant funded by The Government of Ontario was presented to the puppet of Sir Allan Napier MacNab, and the three members of Studio Babette, Marie Franek, Helena Adamczyk and Kerry Corrigan, at a ceremony at the constituency office of Mr. Ted McMeekin, MPP on Friday Sept. 17, 2010 at 10:30 am.
Trillium Grant
The $9,500. grant will greatly aid in the funding of Studio Babette's new puppet project, in collaboration with the Dundurn National Historic Site. It will buy light and sound equipment and the set for Young Sophia.
Young Sophia: the Dundurn Castle Diary, inspired by the diary of Sophia MacNab, 1846 age 13, will debut at Straight From the Garden, a Fall Fair promoting the eat local movement on Sunday September 26, 2010 from 12:00 to 4:00 pm.

Young Sophia: the Dundurn Castle Diary will be performed at 1:00 pm & 3:00 pm (approx. 45 minutes long) in the Cockpit Theatre on the Dundurn National Historic Site.

MacNab and McMeekin
MPP Ted McMeekin shakes hands with Sir Allan Napier MacNab

This delightful production brings to life a short period in the childhood of Hamilton's most famous diarist, Sophia MacNab, the young daughter of Sir Allan MacNab, Member for Hamilton in the Upper Canada House of Assembly, the “boy hero” of the War of 1812 and probably most remembered locally as the builder of Hamilton's famous landmark, Dundurn Castle.

Young Sophia: the Dundurn Castle Diary is a one-act puppet play written, directed, designed, built, performed, etc. by the three members of Studio Babette, aided by a host of volunteer artists and local historians, including Simon Taylor, Historic Garden Coordinator for the restored kitchen garden on the grounds of Dundurn . It employs the table-top style of puppetry, where puppeteers are seen by the audience and indeed interact in the action. There will also be use of shadow puppets in this production.

Marie, Helena and Kerry are well-known to fans of amateur theatre in the Hamilton area – each has extensive experience acting, directing, producing, costuming, set-designing. etc. for various local amateur theatres, primarily Village Theatre Waterdown.

Studio Babette would like to thank Susan West of The Ontario Trillium Foundation and Phil Arnold of The Ontario Puppetry Association for their help with the grant application. Thanks also to all of the wonderful volunteers and staff at the Dundurn National Historic Site for their invaluable aid in researching the time period. Special thanks to Barbara Milne and Gary Santucci of the Pearl Company for generously donating rehearsal and storage space, and to Christine Bingham of Way Back When . . . Historic Clothing and Accessories for her invaluable historical knowledge and all-around enthusiasm. And finally, thank you Sophia (so-FY-ya) for your precious diary.

Leo Normandeau, a volunteer with OTF's Hamilton Grant Review Team
Leo Normandeau, volunteer with OTF's Hamilton Grant Review Team
discusses Hamilton's history with Helena at the press conference.

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