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A Royal Pain

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A Royal Pain tells the rollicking story of a grumpy king with a toothache. But does he listen to the good advice he's given and let the Dentist treat him? Oh no, he takes his bad mood out on everyone else, throwing the cook in jail, firing the maid and almost starting a war with his own King Father-in-Law!

Large puppets on sticks with bright whimsical costumes, props and sets combine to make A Royal Pain the best tooth medicine around. Studio Babette founder Marie Franek directed this delightful musical puppet play for Village Theatre Waterdown in May 2009, with 8 shows over two weekends. This is a full-length, 3 act play, perfect for all ages.

Royal-PuppetsPuppets_Hamilton A Medieval village was created inside Memorial Hall by Set Designer Tadek Sobierajski, bringing this all-ages story to life with a cast of 17 enthusiastic puppeteers and buskers! Audiences watched as the gentle little Princess conspired with the Royal Cat and her grandfather, the King Father-in-Law, to bring that silly King to his senses and let the Dentist fix his problem. This show carries a wonderful underlying message about the importance of brushing your teeth every day!

This play is available through special arrangement only, as a large musical cast is needed. Please contact Studio Babette for further details.

Members of the Studio Babette permanent company who worked on this production are Helena Adamczyk and Kerry Corrigan, with the welcome addition of M.J. Russell as Musical Director, Brenda Becker on Costumes and Nea Reid as producer.

A Royal Pain Puppet Show
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