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Pulcinella, il Cameriere (the waiter)

Pulcinella and the Demon DogInspired by the Commedia dell'arte style of puppetry, and the annual Festitalia celebration in Hamilton, Ontario, Pulcinella, il Cameriere is a fast paced comedy in the traditional style of hand puppets held overhead with the puppeteers unseen. Pulcinella, Pantalone, Angelina and the DemonDog are fashioned in the Guarettelle style, carried on through the centuries in Italy. Another character, Zanni, shows up to comment on the action and facilitate the understanding of the style for Canadian audiences. There are chases, songs and the requisite hitting with sticks, all told in a light-hearted manner that belies the 'violence' of these zany puppets.

Pulcinella delivers Pantalone's egg This show, along with a picture-book story reading and a wooden spoon puppet workshop premiered at the Pearl Company Arts Centre at the end of September 2009 as part of Festitalia. Thank you once again to Gary Santucci and Barbara Milne for kindly featuring our puppetry as part of their festival celebrations.

In November 2009, Studio Babette presented Pulcinella, il Cameriere at a local high school as part of their drama curriculum. Grade nine students had a workshop on the commedia dell'arte style of comedic puppetry, while grade ten students had a hands-on workshop focusing on the history of puppets and their manipulation.
Pantalone admires a stack of pizzas!
Members of the Studio Babette company collaborated on the design and construction of the puppets and props, with the welcome addition of Brenda Becker who helped with costumes and set drapery, and Austin Knowlton, whose encyclopedic knowledge of how to fix or make stuff is truly remarkable. The puppeteers working on this production are Kerry Corrigan and Marie Franek, directed by Helena Adamczyk. The vintage set was donated by Cheryl Smith, also thanks to Kathy Brown.
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